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Call for Papers: Data-Centric Service-Oriented Architecture Workshop

From: Brian Miller <bcm36@georgetown.edu>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 01:04:21 -0400
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Call for Papers

in the

International Workshop on Data-Centric Service-Oriented Architectures  
(DC-SOA 2008)

In Conjunction with the 10th IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology  
(CEC' 08) and the 5th  IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing, E- 
Commerce and E-Services (EEE ' 08)

Crystal City, Virginia (Washington, DC), July 21-24, 2008


About the Conference

The IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology (CEC '08) and the IEEE  
Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services (EEE  
'08) will be held as a joint event geared toward E-Commerce and  
Enterprise Computing.  It will focus on new technologies and methods  
that enable business processes to smoothly transcend organizational  
boundaries.  This includes solutions to dynamically establish business  
relationships, provide services across organizational boundaries - in  
a Mashup and Web 2.0 environment as well as from mobile devices - and  
exercise governance.

This CEC'08/EEE'08 program will consist of invited talks, paper  
presentations, and panel discussions.  For more information, please  
visit http://cec2008.cs.georgetown.edu.

About the Workshop

Service-oriented architectures provide an environment where multiple  
organizations can integrate their capabilities via their underlying  
web services.  In many operational environments, capabilities are  
defined by the exposure and accessibility of data.  Considering the  
variety of data in these environments, there is a measurable challenge  
to develop general architecture and enabling tools that facilitate the  
transformation of complex data into robust services. The intention of  
this workshop is to gather researchers, industry engineers, and  
government staff interested in the development of service-oriented  
architectures with a concentration on information mediation, sharing,  
reliability, and security. Also of great importance are the policies,  
approaches, and tools for governing such data-centric service-oriented  

The 2008 International Workshop on Data-Centric Service-Oriented  
Architectures (DC-SOA’08) seeks to addresses these issues with the  
intent of bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders to discuss  
approaches that span multiple disciplines, domains, and types of  
organizations. As such, the organizers welcome unpublished papers that  
discuss research, applications, and experiences within this area.  
Topics of interest include, but not limited to:

	• Enterprise-wide Data to Services Transformation
	• Discovery, Composition, Mediation, and Sharing of EnterpriseData  
	• Enterprise Data Services Architecture and Paradigms
	• Approaches for Data Services Governance
	• Security Paradigms/Approaches for Data Services


Authors should submit electronically a full paper (PDF file only)  
limited to 8 pages in IEEE Proceedings format to blakeb@cs.georgetown.edu 
.. At least one author is required to register and attend the workshop  
to present the paper. The contact author should be footnoted with full  
contact information.

Workshop Timeline

April 7, 2008:	Workshop Paper Submissions Due
April 21, 2008:	Decision & Notification
May 10, 2008:	Deadline for camera-ready versions
July 20, 2008:	Workshop Program @ CEC/EEE08

Workshop Co-Chairs

Allen Perper, Senior Data Architect, Booz Allen and Hamilton
Sandeep Maripuri, Booz Allen and Hamilton
Scott Mitchell, Booz Allen and Hamilton
Susan Jaxel, Department of Defense
Rick Knowles, Sr. Principle Engineer and Manager, The MITRE Corporation

Tentative Program Committee:

Paul Buhler, College of Charleston
David Cunningham, Booz Allen Hamiliton
Csilla Farkas, University of South Carolina
Michael Huhns, University of South Carolina
Arnie Rosenthal, The MITRE Corporation
Chris Wheedleton, Cleared Solutions Inc.
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