Re: is this valid to make a named graph in RDFa?

On 2008-03 -06, at 19:55, Golda Velez wrote:
>> But if you really need to play with that use N3. The best is to try  
>> to
>> keep things as simple as possible.
> Hm - I might use N3 on the back end eventually, right now its all  
> mysql and
> perl - but the presentation end is what I'm working on currently,  
> and that
> has to be something browser-parsable.

If you have the Tabulator extension for Firefox, it will allow a user to
read the data an N3 graph, with subgraphs in bubbles.  We have used it
to look at justifications of the form 'that document with these  
properties led us to believe the following ...'


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