Call for Participation: CEC'08 and EEE'08

Call For Participation
CEC'08 and EEE'08

22-24 July, 2008, Washington, DC, USA

The 10th IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology (CEC' 08) and the  
5th IEEE Conference on Enterprise Computing,
E-Commerce and E-Services (EEE ' 08) are the flagship annual  
conferences of the IEEE Computer Society Technical
Committee on E-Commerce. In 2008, we will hold both conferences  
together as a joint event,
providing a platform for researchers and practitioners interested in  
the theory and practice of E-Commerce and Enterprise Computing.

*** Advanced registration deadline: June 20, 2008
	Hotel reservation deadline: June 27, 2008
To register, visit Conference Web Site

* CEC'08 and EEE'08 Highlights
We have an exciting program designed to appeal to researchers and  
practitioners in the areas of

E-Commerce and Enterprise Computing. It includes:
	3 keynote talks;
	1 banquet talk;
	1 Joint Industrial Panel;
	3 industrial sessions (2 keynote talks, 1 Panel);
	13 research paper sessions;
	banquet and reception;
	3 workshops and a Web service Challenge

	Human Interoperability and Net-Centric Environments, Dr. Alenka  
Brown, NII/DoD-CIO
	The Greening of Innovation, Dr. Jurij Paraszczak, IBM
	Cloud Computing: An IBM Perspective, Dennis Quan, IBM

Banquet Speech
	Business in the Cloud: Opportunities and Challenges of Cloud  
Computing, Reuven Cohen, CTO Enomaly

Joint Industrial Panel
	The Future of Governments: Major Forces Driving Societies, Anand J.  
Paul and Jen-Yao Chung, IBM

	International Workshop on Data-Centric Service-Oriented Architectures  
(DC-SOA 2008), 
, July, 24, 2008
	Workshop on Business-Driven Enterprise Application Design &  
,  July, 22, 2008
	The Semantic Web meets the Deep Web (SWDW'08) , 
, July, 23, 2008
	Web Service Challenge 2008, 
, July, 22, 2008

Brian Miller
Research Assistant
Department of Computer Science
Georgetown University '11

Received on Friday, 20 June 2008 22:30:25 UTC