Re: Many meanings of Is A

Matt Williams wrote:
> I remember reading somewhere that someone had once compared many 
> different usages of "Is A". Can anyone point me to the ref?

Bill Woods explored the issue in his classic paper, What's
in a Link:

  "What's in a Link: Foundations for Semantic Networks". In
  D. Bobrow and A. Collins (eds.), Representation and
  Understanding: Studies in Cognitive Science, New York:
  Academic Press, 1975. Reprinted in R. Brachman and
  H. Levesque (eds.), Readings in Knowledge Representation,
  San Mateo: Morgan Kaufmann, 1985. Also reprinted in Allan
  Collins and Edward E. Smith (eds.), Readings in Cognitive
  Science, San Mateo: Morgan Kaufmann, 1988.

The research group he led at BBN subsequently went on to
develop KLONE in the late 1970s, which was, of course, a
progenitor to OWL and today's description logic systems.


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