Re: network and host ontology

Mark Wallace wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently ran across "doap" and I like its goals of using RDF and 
> keeping it simple. Can anyone point me to similar projects for creating 
> OWL/RDF ontologies for:
>  network topology (nodes, switches, routers, hubs)
>  host descriptions (hosts and their operating systems, network 
> interfaces, applications, services)

You might take a look at some work Graham Klyne and Brian Mathews did 
during the SWAD-Europe project:

Workpackage 11: Distributed trust systems. See Trust website.
     * 11.1 Recommendation systems as a basis for trust on the Semantic 
Web (pdfs: introduction, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5), ( html)
     * 11.2 Framework for Security and Trust Standards: Experiments and 
Implementations (pdfs: Introduction, Vocabularies and Architecture for 
Implementing Trust in the Semantic Web, Using RDF for Home Network 

The main links here would be:

This was five years ago (whee, time flies), but might be of interest still.

There was also some work on a "Wireless Ontology", which I recently 
re-blogged while thinking about the role of OpenID in wireless sharing 
traffic-capture portals; see ah 
no, I misremember it was ... see 
also the comments in that post:




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