Weaving the web of data [7/2 event from Silicon Vally SemWeb SIG]

The next SDForum semantic web SIG event will be on July 2nd. We'll look at
the web of data movement and technologies. Here is the brief intro. please
see web site<http://sdforum.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.viewPage&pageId=656&parentID=483&nodeID=1>for

Weaving the Web of Data

In the beginning it was a Web of documents. These Web pages were simple and
powerful. Static, yet capable of shrinking even the furthest distances. The
static Web of pages yielded to a more dynamic Web of content, and Web 2.0
style content controlled by the collective mind of the masses. But today the
Web is still predominantly a Web of documents. Will the Semantic Web and
other linked data languages transform the WWW into a world-wide web of data,
not just pages? Will Web mashups of the future become miscellaneous bits of
data easily collected from far off places? In this SDForum interactive
presentation we will explore these questions and more!

Join us for two unique presentations. First we will explore how you can make
use of Metaweb's Freebase free web database technology for hosting your own
content, posting stuff, or making mash-ups of other people's content.
Second, our presenter from TopQuadrant will provide an instructional
"how-to" for getting started with RDF and just a little bit of OWL ? these
two Semantic Web languages are a foundational part of the emerging data web
since they were designed from the ground-up to be web-based data languages.
Finally, we'll tie things together with a joint question-answer session
where both speakers respond to the SD Forum audience to help everybody stay
on the same page.

Our expert guests include Jamie Taylor, Minister of Information from Metaweb
Technologies and Dean Allemang, Chief Scientist from TopQuadrant. AJ Chen
from Healthline and Jeff Pollock from Oracle will moderate this event.


Dr. Jamie Taylor, Minister of Information, Metaweb Technologies
Dean Allemang, Chief Scientist, TopQuadrant

Looking forward to seeing some you there.

AJ Chen, PhD
Co-Chair, Semantic Web SIG, sdforum.org
Technical Architect, healthline.com
Palo Alto, CA

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