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Hi Keith,

> Yes - I was thinking as I wrote the email "there should be 
> some semantic web solution to this", instead of just shouting 
> into the appropriate caverns of cyberspace ;)
> On Sun, 08 Jun 2008 11:14:19 +0100, John Domingue 
> <> wrote:
> > Thanks to the hard work of a number of "Dogfood Czars" we 
> now collect 
> > fairly extensive meta data for ISWC, ESWC and ASWC. Maybe if not 
> > already included we should collect geographic information as well.
> > Also hope one day someone here creates the appropriate 
> mashup [cc'ing 
> > the current and previous involved folks]

As John says, we now have fairly extensive RDF data about presenters, and sometimes also delegates, at ESWC2006/2007/2008, ISWC2006 and ISWC+ASWC2007, along with all the obvious stuff about papers, workshops, sessions, chairs etc. The homepage for all this data set is at [1].

In terms of visualisations, there is the FOAFmap that Alex mentioned on-list just now, that he did for us for ESWC2006. This is really nice as it gathers the data live from the Semantic Web and then caches it for display. A Semantic Web app ahead of its time I reckon.

There is also an Exhibit from David Huynh at [2], working on the ISWC+ASWC2008 data set, that gives you two more answers to your question. We now have a growing list of organisations at [3] who have published in the Semantic Web space, many of which have been geocoded, giving us a means to find out (via affiliations) who is based in what area. You should be able to get this data from the SPARQL endpoint at [4] or look in the dumps at [5] (there is currently an issue with including the lat/long data in the crawlable RDF, but this will be solved imminently).

Both the data and the underlying infrastructure are getting better over time, as is the process of generating the data in the first place, so expect to see even more useful data from this source in the coming months/years.




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