Re: RDF optimization

Thanks Bruce

I am still new to RDF,  so I am learning
Now I am trying to find just a few tags to identify the object (publication) 
that hopefully will have
a full description somewhere else, (I dont need all that inforarmation on my 
schema just a few fields and the uri)
I think the schema that I am trying to devise will be usable with different 
standards, so I ll put yours in as something to be matched

as to how to implement the schema and what to do exactly, I still have to 
work it out
but I am sure that must be trivial, right? ;-)


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> On Jan 31, 2008 2:29 AM,  <> wrote:
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>> Instead, I decide to normalised the bibtext data set to a more efficient
>> schema, and plan to
>> base my rdf on it (see normalised schema below)
>> is this approach sound? had anyone done it it before?
> You might be interested in this new work:
> <>
> Bruce 

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