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On Mon, 2008-01-28 at 18:59 +0000, Dan Brickley wrote:
>  And global collaborations benefit from 
> funding sometimes! Anyway, ... I would love to see a funding call that 
> supported this kind of work in Africa.

Of course part of the problem re: Africa-focused funding is that Africa
faces such basic infrastructure challenges that it can be difficult to
get funds this far up, relatively speaking, the technology ladder.
Obviously that sucks for CS and IT researchers in Africa.

That said, we've [1] been talking to some folks who hack (quite
interestingly!) on this stuff for the UN, primarily focused on
developing contexts.

That might be a context to pursue funding of this sort; that or the
World Bank (which has its problems, to be sure, but does put money into
Africa, etc).

>  > We (AVOIR) are doing some pretty
> > innovative stuff in this area, and seeing as though we survive purely on
> > funded projects, something like that would be wonderful!
> Excuse my ignorance, but can EU (eg. IST) research funding support 
> African projects? (eg. with European partners too).

There is specific language in FP7 regulations about funding monies being
applicable outside the EU context; as I recall, the priority was to get
those funds into the hands of researchers in the developing world, so
the answer would be "yes, but I don't recall the specifics"... My vague
memory is that the rule was something like "non-EU, non-US, non-China &
non-Japan countries", i.e., the unaligned, developing global south, more
or less, which would include sub-saharan Africa, etc.

But, obviously, I'm no FP7 expert. ;>



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