[Fwd: Eduserv Research Grants Call 2008]

Modest but well targeted funding available in *.ac.uk, for online 
identity, open social graph, and mobile/ubiquitious apps.

Apologies to those outside the funding zone, but I thought this worth 
passing along. As a sometimes-researcher, I have to say that projects on 
this scale are often healthier and more focussed efforts than their 
larger multi-million eurodollar cousins. I'm interested to see what 
comes out of this round.

If anyone's interested in a FOAF-related submission, feel free to get in 
touch. I have more project ideas than spare time at the moment...




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  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 16:47:29 +0000
  • Subject: Eduserv Research Grants Call 2008
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Dear Colleagues,


I'm very pleased to announce that the Eduserv Foundation 2008 has 300,000
available for this years grants call and invites bids for research project
funding in these or closely related areas of e-learning and computing:-  

    * online identity
    * the open social graph
    * always-on Internet access and mobile computing.

In each case we are interested in research and/or development projects that
move forward the education community’s understanding of the impact that
emerging technologies will have on the way learning and research are
undertaken.  Proposals may focus on the technical, social and/or political
issues in these areas, inside and/or outside formal institutional settings
(lecture theatres, research labs, campus open spaces, libraries, museums,
Internet cafes, etc.).

Proposals that combine two or more of these areas are particularly welcome.

Note that proposals that include a software development component are
encouraged, though this is not a requirement. The closing date for receipt
of bids is 5PM on Friday 14th March 2008.

Please see the text of the call
(http://www.eduserv.org.uk/foundation/grants/0708) for full details. If you
have any questions please feel free to contact us at grants@eduserv.org.uk
or phone Ed Barker (+44 (0) 1225 474328).


Ed Barker
Researcher and Grants Coordinator,

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