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Yes, the blog has gone, but Google cache still has it:

Looks like the guy at
Who runs metacognition, which has links to the dead blog.

My comments?:
It's pretty hard to construct a graph of any interest with more nodes than edges.
Triple size is usually 3, but can often be 4 (especially for sufficiently large values of 3).

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Hello again...

I wonder if anyone has any comment on the quote below -

I have lost the author of the quote, cannot access the post anymore
anyone on this list is to be credited for this? anyone disagrees?

The size of a graph is the number of edges and the order of a graph is the number of nodes within the graph. RDF is a Resource Description Framework (to represent what is known about a resource) so it's not surprising that RDF graphs will almost always have a much larger size than order. It's also not surprising that most performance analysis made across RDF implementations focus mostly on triple size.[i] <mhtml:mid://00007140/#_edn1>

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