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> Hello.
> I need to make data stored in an object-oriented (ZODB) database available 
> as RDF. I've been looking for existing architectures and mapping 
> techniques, and eventually found D2RQ 
> <>. The problem is that 
> D2RQ seems too much oriented towards the relational paradigm.
> Is there any research done on this particular area? I've been thinking 
> about something similar to D2RQ, but object-oriented. However, I'd like to 
> know if there's any work already done about this subject.

your OOobject is your RDFsubject, your OOobject property is your RDFpredicate, and your OOobject property's value(s) is/are your RDFobject(s) (mind the nameclash)

your OOobject have URI fields, of course.

this also works with JSON.. which can be thought of as an OOobject serialization, and compatible with RDF so long as your property-symbols are URIs and each JSONobject has a URI property

theyre pretty much identical. even RDFs with its subclassing and subtyping is an OO model.. replace 'object' with 'resource' in the literature

> Thanks in advance,
> Pedro

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