Re: trivial question about SPARQL wrote:
> thanks a lot Andy, Dan
> I think I am looking at too many documents at once at any given time
> had not seen the link to the new version, I knew it had to be somewhere
> I am finding it really difficult to find the uptodate docs on the site, 
> is there a way of flagging the
> outdated stuff more prominently (put them in a liked category 
> superseded_by comes to mind) or somethign

The issue there is that W3C really doesn't like to change the bytes in 
the file once published in /TR/ ... and so updating the document with 
status information is tricky.

I remember Ralph (cc:'d) once made a clever experiment that pulled in an 
image (I think) indicating current status. But this didn't get adopted 
as far as I know. Perhaps something similar could be done with an iframe 
or unobtrusive Javascript, if it passed accessibility review.

Good to have that feedback though...



Received on Friday, 25 January 2008 10:30:49 UTC