Re: HTTP URIs for real world objects

And to think we haven't gone anywhere since 2003, except for away from
Topic Maps it seems. It was particularly noticeable that OASIS didn't
specify how to publish specifications, only that you should if you
want to use their mechanism. The difference between the figures in
Sections 2.3 and 2.4.4 would not be recognised by a pragmatist looking
at the document as it is without any discussion of publication

Before standards boards realise it there is going to be a de-facto
standards with single simple RDF http resources backed up by OWL
documents to define the vast majority of the Semantic Web.


On 17/01/2008, Bernard Vatant <> wrote:
> Thanks Peter for the reminder
> There is also a separate OASIS recommendation on Published Subjects,
> defining "published subject identifiers" and "published subject indicators".
> Bernard
> Peter F Brown a écrit :
> > There are HTTP URIs for real world objects: they are called "subject identifiers" and form part of the ISO 13250 Topic Maps standard, where a 'Topic' is a proxy for any real world subject, and a Topic can take 0 to a URIs as subject identifiers...
> > Its sometimes really hard keeping things simple, but when There is something There that works , please use it and don't fall victim of the 'Not Invented here' syndrome. Regards, Peter
> >
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