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Submission Deadline Extended: January 23, 2008


NOTERE 2008 - 8th International Conference on New Technologies of Distributed

June 23-27 2008
Lyon, France
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                    *** Proceedings will be printed with an ACM ISBN ***
     *** Best papers will be considered for publication in national and
international journals ***

The International Conference on New Technologies of Distributed Systems (NOTERE)
is a bilingual (French/English) forum for engineers and scientists in academia,
 industry and government to present the recent advances and latest research
result in the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed
system platforms, applications and architectures. Following the past
conferences in this series (Pau, Montreal, Paris, Saadia, Gatineau, Toulouse,
Marrakech), the 8th edition of
NOTERE will be Held in Lyon in France.


- M. Witold Litwin (Paris Dauphine University)
- M. Alain Leger (France Telecom R&D - Orange Labs)

Software has been evolving from pre-defined, monolithic, centralized
architectures to increasingly decentralized, distributed, dynamically composed
federations of components. New applications, such as global supply-chain
management and complex health-care systems, impose major research challenges in
integration, interoperability, discovery, negotiation, collaboration, and
optimization. Distributed and mobile collaboration technologies are beginning
to allow people to move across organizational boundaries and to interact within
and across organizations as well as communities, creating virtual communities
or so-called “social networks”.  These virtual systems require sophisticated
collaboration functionalities. Service-oriented architectures are emerging as a
possible solution to build smart networks and enable grid and on-demand
computing.  The fast evolution of wireless technologies drives demand to extend
interaction between users and mobile devices to the interaction with objects
and services in the everyday world, opening thus the opportunity for
context-aware and ubiquitous computing. Wireless Internet, mobile ad-hoc and
networks are seen as new platforms for future distributed and pervasive systems,
exacerbating in turn the problems of privacy and security. Software processes
are evolving from pre-specified sequential work-flows to decentralized and
multi-organization collaborative endeavors.
Business environments demand increased flexibility, dependability,
fault-tolerance, and autonomy of involved heterogeneous systems.


NOTERE 2008 solicits research submissions on all topics related to New
technologies for distributed systems, including but not limited to the
following list:

- Internet Computing, Web applications and Web services
- Scalable and Reliable Distributed Servers
- Distributed and modular Ontologies
- Collaborative applications, Distributed and Mobile Collaboration
- Operating systems and Middleware
- Distributed algorithms
- Communication protocols and architectures
- Event-based, Publish/Subscribe and Message-Oriented Middleware
- Existing paradigms revisited: object, component, aspect, agent
- Privacy, Trust, and Security is Distributed Systems
- Context Awareness and Self-Adaptation, Fault-Tolerance and dependability
- Sensor networks and Ubiquitous computing
- Peer to Peer systems, Wireless, Mobile ad Hoc Networks
- Distributed data management, Policy-Based management
- Multi Agents system
- Formal methods and tools, UML/sys UML
- Industrial experiences with Web technologies

Authors are invited to submit original papers in any of the areas listed above.
Papers in English or French are solicited. Papers must respect the ACM
proceedings format. Word and Latex templates are provided at the conference Web
site. All papers must be submitted online in PDF or PS format.
The length of the paper must not exceed 12 pages (Long paper) and 6 pages (Short
paper). Electronic submission of abstracts is required. Submitted papers will
evaluated by three reviewers. Acceptance will be based on relevance, technical
soundness, originality, and clarity of presentation. At least one author of an
accepted paper is expected to attend the conference to present the paper. 
Selected papers from the conference will be considered for publication in an
national and international journals [to be specified shortly].

Important dates
Abstract Submission:      January 23, 2008
Paper (long and short) Submission:  January 23, 2008
Notification:    March 1, 2008
Camera-ready Submission:    March 10, 2008
Conference:    June 23-27, 2008

Conference Chair
Djamal Benslimane, University of Lyon, France.
Aris Ouksel, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.

Workshops chair
Thierry Villemur, Toulouse University, France

Demos chair
Christelle Vangenot, EPFL of Lausanne, Switzerland

Local Chair
Chirine Ghedira, University of Lyon, France
Nabila Benharkat, INSA of Lyon, France

Program Committee
Esma Aimeur, Montreal, Canada
Yamine Ait Ameur, Poitiers, France
Youssef Amghar, Lyon, France
Ludovic Apvrille, Sophia-Antipolis, France
Daniel Amyot, Ottawa, Canada
Nadjib Badache, Algiers, Algeria
Youakim Badr, Lyon, France
Roberto Baldoni, Rome, Italy
Kamel Barkaoui, Paris, France
Rahma Ben Ayed, Tunis, Tunisia
Boualem Benatallah, Sydney, Australia
Grégor von Bochmann, Ottawa, Canada
Mounir Boukadoum, Montreal, Canada
Omar Boussaid, Lyon, France
Richard Chbeir, Dijon, France
Dalila Chiadmi, Rabat, Morocco
Isabelle Chrisment, Nancy, France
Pierre Cointe, Nantes, France
Nadine Cullot, Dijon, France
Bruno Defude, Evry, France
Thierry Delot, Valenciennes, France
Michel Diaz, Toulouse, France
Khalil Drira, Toulouse, France
Rachida Dssouli, Montreal, Canada
Laurence Duchien, Lille, France
Bernard Espinasse, Marseille, France
Mohammed Erradi, Rabat, Morocco
Hugues Fauconnier, Paris,  France
Jacques Fayolle, Saint-Etienne, France
Mamoun Filali-Amine, Toulouse, France
Stéphane Frenot, Lyon, France
Benoît Garbinato, Lausanne, Switzerland
Faiez Gargouri, Sfax, Tunisia
Reinhard Gotzhein, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Mohand-Said Hacid, Lyon, France
Allel Hadjali, Rennes, France
Chihab Hanachi, Toulouse, France
Youssef Iraqi, Dhofar, Oman
Claude Jard, Cachan, France
Zahi Jarir, Marrakech, Morocco
Ahmed Karmouch, Ottawa, Canada
Hamamache Kheddouci, Lyon, France
Ferhat Khendek, Montreal, Canada
Ahmed Khoumsi, Sherbrooke, Canada
Jean-Christophe Lapayre, Besancon, France
Witold Litwin, Paris, France
Luigi Loggripo, Ottawa, Canada
Zakaria Maamar, Dubai, E.A.U
José-Ramón de Mendívil, Navarra, Spain
Serge Midonnet, Marne La Vallée, France
Mohamed Mosbah, Bordeaux, France
Ghita Mostefaoui, Oxford, UK
Mohamed Ahmed Nacer, Algiers, Algeria
Farid Naït-Abdesselam, Lille, France
Manuel Núñez, Madrid, Spain
Guevara Noubir, Boston, USA
Mourad Oussalah, Nantes, France
Jean-Marc Petit, Lyon, France
Nicolas Rivierre, France Télécom
Brigitte Rozoy, Paris, France
Aziz Salah, Montreal, Canada
Pierre de Saqui-Sannes, Toulouse, France
Quan Z. Sheng, Adelaide, Australia
Michel Scholl, Paris, France
Zahir Tari, Sydney, Australia
Moncef Temmanni, Tunis, Tunisia
Jean-Pierre THOMESSE, Nancy, France
Bruno Traverson, Paris, France
Ken Turner, Stirling, UK
Christelle Vangenot, Lausanne, Switzerland
Thierry Villemur, Toulouse, France
Dan Vodislav, Paris, France
Hamdi Yahyaoui, Sharjah, E.A.U

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