ABox querying in OWL

Dear All,

Just a quick question: WRT A-Box querying, I am familiar with 
the`rolling up' technique for conjunctive A-Box queries. However, if I 
am just querying ground formulae, then presumably that is easier?

e.g. is asking Man(MATT) & Doctor(MATT) reasonably trivial?

The only reason I can see that it might not be is that of course the 
Ontology A-Box might contain the atom

MarriedMan(MATT)  (where in the T-Box, MarriedMan is a subclass of Man).

In this case, there would need to be some inferencing - or can we do the 
inferencing beforehand, so that although (I assert) MarriedMan(MATT), 
after doing some reasoning, we can be sure that the A-Box contains the 
atom Man(MATT). (Is this closure of the A-Box?)

Apologies for such simple a question.


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Received on Wednesday, 9 January 2008 10:30:32 UTC