greetings from DataPortability-Public (was) Re: missing the web standards? RDF, OWL, FOAF, DC?]

Hi Semantic-Web people,
(Ivan, I address you directly to inform you about the dataportability 
effort, no reaction from you is needed)

I stumbled (as part of the scoble "storm in a glass") accross the 
dataportability initiative.
they live here:

the goal is something many of you people may share (= keeping the data 
and architecture of the web 2.0 in a way that the users can GET their data)
its a smaller group of people, but getting some attention.
some RDFers already dropped in, including Henry Story and me. SIOC was 
also mentioned, see yourself:

I cannot judge the relevancy of this group in terms of standardization, 
but they try to play a role by suggesting a good standard by picking the 
raisins from existing standards and showing some reference impl (thats 
how I understood it).
If some W3C lovers want to guide them in the "W3C" direction, feel free 
to join there. I am bound to project work and science business at the 
moment, cannot spare much of my time,

The group is relevant in terms of round corners, cool videos, nice 
logos, they have a great graphic layout (something us techies often fail 

if you smell the bait and want more - read on!
they need help to understand what FOAF, SIOC etc are about, see here:

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Hi Leo,

We are not re-branding existing things - but rather creating a single
brand that consumers can understand and developers can rally around. A
way of putting all the communities and standards in context -
including RDF. Much like 'Centrino' from Intel represents all the
moving technologies that make up their laptop/mobile platform.

I think that DP has the opportunity to be the Intel Inside sticker for
consumers looking for sites/apps that respect their rights and employ
a standard model of data portability.

Right now we are listing XFN as a way of describing friend connections
- however I am aware that many prefer FOAF for its richness - I think
there is still an open discussion on that. The other standards may
also be included if they find their way into the reference design:

Tim Berners Lee has an open invitation to join the workgroup - happy
for you to pass it onto Ivan if you like.

The goal here is not to replace what the W3C or any other group is
doing - only to shine a light on it and put it all in context for
people. And also to provide a complete end-to-end reference design so
we can move from debating the nuts and bolts and start implementing
the future!



On Jan 4, 7:48 pm, "" <> wrote:
> Hi dp people,
> I assume you are rebranding existing things under a new brand-name
> "dp".
> As a note: the W3C is standardizing many of the things you need under
> the hood of "RDF",
> especially when it comes to link and integrate various distributed
> data stores.
> see:
> Maybe look at this standard for representing friendship networks in an
> extensible way:
> or this for blog-posts, communities, etc:
> Maybe you should get in touch with Tim Berners Lee or Ivan Herman from
> W3C about the things you are doing.... they herd the industry support
> at W3C (all big players are W3C members). And you share exactly the
> same vision (although not the same tactics, W3C probably won't
> recommend which microformats to use, but rather say: use RDF)
> If you don't want the idea of contacting them, I could also send an
> initial mail, I have worked with Ivan Herman in the SWEO group before.
> Ping me... leo.sauermann (ad)
> best
> Leo Sauermann
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