Re: plural vs singular properties (a proposal)

Frank Manola wrote:
> Assuming I understand what you're talking about, this *isn't* a 
> conflict with the relational model.  To flesh out your example a bit, 
> suppose you have a paper, book, or article, and want to record subject 
> descriptors.

I don't yet understand what you're talking about in your reply, so while 
I read it again several times, let me just clarify my original concern 
which apparently wasn't as clear as I thought it was.

Let's say I have the following relation, complete with header and body:

|      URI       |    dc.title    |   dc.subject   |
| <...#mybook>   |   "My Book"    | "semantic web" |
| <...#yourbok>  |  "Your Book"   | "database"     |

Now, if <...#mybook> has a dc:subject of "airplanes" in addition to its 
dc.subject of "semantic web", where do I put that in the relational 
model? I can't add another "table column".

I'll go read your response again in the meantime.



Received on Saturday, 5 January 2008 16:51:27 UTC