Re: Call for Comments: SKOS Primer: W3C Working Draft 21 February 2008

>>  If somebody is striving for semantic web, he must have a good  
>> learning about
>>  the nature of meaning
>>  ( ) and the  
>> modes of
>>  signification ( by  
>> the kinds of
>>  things signified and the kinds of things which signify (signs,  
>> symbols,
>>  codes, terms, words).
> There I disagree strongly, in the first place probably because I use a
> different definition of "semantic web".

Put another way: Azamat is holding the hammer of semiotics, and  
everything looks like a nail.

Aside from any objection to semiotics, there is a spectrum of  
completeness in modeling; very few applications need a "perfect" data  
model to get useful work done. In fact, since we are still using  
limited computers with disks and processors, and an answer now is  
better than an answer at some future time, a tradeoff between  
correctness and complexity is absolutely necessary.

Danny gets that; I get that; the SKOS folks evidently get that.  
Apparently Azamat does not.


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