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My my, aren't we rather easily trolled?  I mean, this one isn't even  
a little bit funny or creative or remotely smart! Let me give it a shot:

So, how about the fact that RDF has *clearly* failed since it is 9  
years old in HUMAN years, but in *dog* years it's 63 and thus ready  
for retirement (at least in enlightened countries with sensible  
social nets)!?!?!??!?!?

What about the *SECRET FACT* that "RDF" stands for "Really Dumb  
Fantasy" which *PROVES* that RDF is a plot by Cycorp to slow dow  
collaborative knowledge representation development (the *so called*  
semantic web) so that Cycorp can maintain it's CRUSHING monopoly  
on...whatever it is that Cycorp dominates!!!! Remember, Guha was  
*once* at Cycorp but then was at Apple and Netscape (or Netscape and  
Apple). Netscape JUST DIED (coincidence? I think NOT!! my  
friends...Navigator "retires" just as RDF hits "retirement age" (in  
dog years?!?!? remember that ON THE INTERNET KNOW ONE KNOWS YOU'RE A  
DOG!!!! (and remember Cyberdog from....wait for it...APPLE  
COMPUTER!!!!!...but the COMPUTER IS GONE!! it's just apple...they  
*retired* the computer!!!))

And XML..c' much longer in the tooth can a technology which  
proudly proclaims that Xylophonic Metal Lives GET!? And RDF (the  
really dumb fantasy) is BUILT on XML (xylophnic metal was a dumb  
fantasy back in the day...but today it's a RDF!) *THINK* about it!


Bijan "yoU aRe Insane" Parsia.

P.S. I'm still working on cracking the OWL code...I've narrowed down  
to "One World Leader", "Only Weebies Lactate", and "Orisons Weigh  
Little...all of which frighten me alone... but their combination is  
dreadful to contemplate. Check your revelations, people! Prayers will  
mean nothing and the antichrist will take over and LITTLE PLASTIC  
EGGSHAPED PEOPLE will grow functional nipples. Break the seventh seal  
and party like it's Y2K for real!

Received on Saturday, 23 February 2008 00:35:51 UTC