Re: Need Help With Relational Databases and RDF, JENA

Hi Lora,

I don't know much about SQL RDF integration, but perhaps can help you somewhat.  It's a topic
ESW Wiki about exporting SQL stores that are not designed with RDF in
mind to RDF.

Good luck with your project.

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On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 12:02 -0800, virgo091085 wrote:
> Hi I have posted on this forum before in
> Re: College Senior Project To Make A Web Search Project 
> (yes out of frustration at the time, i posted my topic within another
> thread)
> anyway the important thing is a short description of my project is there and
> updated version here:
> Hi I'm Lora - a Senior Computer Science Major at Xavier University.
> For my Senior Project, I am researching new "Semantic Web" technology in the
> area of Web Development.
> To guide my research, I am working on creating a web site that will be
> well-designed and helpful to students. In my experience, a site that would
> ease the process of searching through classes available for next semester in
> preparation for meeting with advisers or planning a new schedule of classes
> to register with for the upcoming semester would be a helpful site.
> Also, I think after reading articles on the Semantic Web that this site
> could use new Semantic Web technology to implement searches that can return
> results based on more than just keywords but also through the understanding
> of terms with defined meaning. For example, find "theology" classes on
> "Tuesdays/Thursdays" in the "afternoon", or find classes that meet "E/RS"
> requirement. This technology could also help improve filtering/sorting of
> data as well. I think that this can be done by defining the meaning/facts
> about data and the relationships between data items a web site is running
> over in the background.
> ***my current questions for the collected wisdom gather here is  described
> below.
> my university is not allowing me access to the real university's database at
> the moment but I am going to get 'dumps' of certain tables of data relating
> to the class information that I want to test my site on. I think I will
> recreate this 'dumped' data into a MySQL database. I have been trying to
> read up on using RDF with a relational database or converting a relational
> database to RDF. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should
> intergrate my tables/MySQL database with an RDF triplestore?
> **I also think that I will use JENA to write my RDF triplestore. I do plan
> to try to reuse an 'university ontology' found here:
> Anyone familar with JENA, is it possible/how do I integrate this ontology?
> How could I also add
> more vocabulary/properties like "afternoon" to it?
> Should I have a MySQL database of information to fill in the RDF
> triplestore, or do I need to hand-type all
> the information up in JENA with java code? I think figuring out how to
> integrate Relational Database data with RDF triplestores and SPARQL queries
> would be helpful as if I later wanted to sell/be hired to introduce my
> Semantic Web Schedule site to the university -- it could be adapted to the
> real university's database which is in Oracle.
> Alright that is it for now, I am anxious to learn how to start implementing
> my site and would like to contribute/spread SW ideas around. So any advice
> and answers to my questions would be much appreciated.

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