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Announcement: DL-Learner Build 2008-02-18 released

From: Jens Lehmann <lehmann@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 10:07:21 +0100
To: semantic-web@w3.org
Message-ID: <fpe66a$n51$1@ger.gmane.org>


hereby we announce the availability of DL-Learner [1] Build 2008-02-18,
the second DL-Learner release. DL-Learner is a tool for learning complex
classes from examples and background knowledge. It extends Inductive
Logic Programming to Description Logics and the Semantic Web.

Downloads are available at [2]. For a list of the most important changes
since the last release (Build 2007-08-31), see the Changelog [3]. Most
notably, DL-Learner now has a flexible component based design, which
allows to extend it easily with new learning algorithms, learning
problems, reasoners, and supported background knowledge sources. A new
type of supported knowledge sources are SPARQL endpoints, where
DL-Learner can extract knowledge fragments, which enables learning
classes even on large knowledge sources like DBpedia. Furthermore,
DL-Learner now supports learning from only positive examples
(preliminary), inclusion axiom learning, the usage of N-Triple files as
background knowledge, the OWL API reasoner interface, and has a more
powerful web service interface.

DL-Learner is developed at the AKSW [4] research group. I'd like to
thank Sebastian Hellmann, Sebastian Knappe, and Tilo Hielscher for their

Best regards,

Jens Lehmann

[1] http://dl-learner.org
[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/dl-learner/
[3] http://dl-learner.org/Projects/DLLearner/ChangeLog
[4] http://aksw.org

Dipl. Inf. Jens Lehmann
Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig
Homepage: http://www.jens-lehmann.org
GPG Key: http://jens-lehmann.org/jens_lehmann.asc
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