Draft paper submission deadline is just few days from now: MULTICONF-08

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John Edward

               MULTICONF-08 Draft paper submission deadline is just few days
from now

The  MULTICONF-08 (website:
www.PromoteResearch.org<http://www.promoteresearch.org/>) will be held
during July 7-10 2008 in Orlando, FL, USA. We invite draft
paper submissions and the deadline for submission is extended until February
19 2008 due to several requests from the authors.

The event consists of the following conferences:

         International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern
Recognition (AIPR-08)

         International Conference on Automation, Robotics and Control
Systems (ARCS-08)

         International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology,
Genomics and Chemoinformatics (BCBGC-08)

         International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems and Web
Technologies (EISWT-08)

         International Conference on High Performance Computing, Networking
and Communication Systems (HPCNCS-08)

         International Conference on Software Engineering Theory and
Practice (SETP-08)

         International Conference on Theoretical and Mathematical
Foundations of Computer Science (TMFCS-08)


John Edward

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