Ann: Falcons (2008 Spring) - Towards searching and browsing the Sem antic Web with concept spaces.

Ann: Falcons -- a new search engine for the Semantic WebHi all,

We are pleased to announce that the Falcons system (a search engine for the Semantic Web) has been updated to a new version[1]. Compared to the last version [2], Falcons Object Search now enables navigating class hierarchies for query refinement. 

New features of the Falcons Object Search include: 
  -an index from classes to objects, besides an index from keywords to objects; 
  -class-inclusion reasoning on multiple vocabularies; 
  -class recommendation for navigating class hierarchies.

Currently, Falcons has indexed:
  - 7 million well-formed RDF documents,
  - 250 million RDF statements,
  - 34 million objects (individuals) on the Semantic Web,
  - 2 million concepts (classes and properties) on the Semantic Web,
  - and 4 thousand ontologies on the Semantic Web.

To make your RDF data quickly retrievable via Falcons, you can submit the URLs of your RDF data to Falcons at [3].

Have fun with Falcons :-)


Yuzhong Qu

Institute of Web Science
Southeast University, China


Received on Monday, 4 February 2008 03:12:48 UTC