Re: ANN: Tal4Rdf 0.1 (Template Language for RDF)

Hi Niklas

Niklas Lindström a écrit :
> Hi Pierre-Antoine,
> very cool! I'll check this out in more detail -- it may prove highly
> useful for some holiday experiments I've planned. :)

Thanks for your interest :)

> Before knowing much about the details, an idea I've had (regarding
> rdf-savvy templating), which this processor may be perfect for, is to
> automatically annotate the output with RDFa.. (E.g. in addition to
> setting the content to the value of "foaf:name", adding the attribute
> @property="foaf:name; etc.). Just some food for thought for further
> development of this.

A remark about RDF rendering and RDFa: in many situations, I would
rather add a <link> tag pointing to the actual RDF file rather than
*encoding* that RDF into RDFa... But the template may sometimes display
data that are not publicly available as is, so indeed it makes sense.

In the current state, the engine will not *automatically* add RDFa.
Nothing prevents you, of course, to design the template in order to
produce RDFa, but I'm guessing this is not what you would call "automatic".

I am nevertheless considering the relations between TAL attributes and
RDFa. My idea was more: could I transform an RDFa annotated page into a
template ? But the other direction is interesting as well.

> Thanks, and best regards,
> Niklas Lindström
> (In other news, I have this mad experiment of turning sparql results
> into "trees" (as opposed to flat, joined result rows), which then can
> be xslt:d into "anything" much more easily. I'll get back on this..)

I have the short time plan to support SPARQL queries in T4R as well. But
  I will rather use either iterable SELECT result, or rdf-like CONSTRUCT

 thanks for the feedback


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