New FOAF services from Garlik

Garlik is making available a beta-phase FOAF builder, along with it's
FOAF index containing 10M+ FOAF files.

FOAF Builder is a beta-phase web application that allows you to
create, edit, and augment FOAF files. You can start with an existing
FOAF file, FOAF generated via existing web systems (Flickr,,
and LiveJournal), or start from scratch.

Data entered into the FOAF builder can be marked as "private" in which
case it will be stored independently of the public portion of the FOAF

Once built, you can download the FOAF file to publish on your own
server or you can opt to let Garlik host it in your behalf. Private
data hosted by us will be stored in an OAuth[1] server. 3rd party
applications may request access to this OAuth protected data, however
control over this is in the owners hands. Using OpenID[2] the owner can,
if he chooses, grant access keys to allow the 3rd party to process the
private FOAF data.

The Garlik OAuth server is available at -
currently authors of 3rd party apps need to explicitly request client
keys, but we will automate this in the future. Sample OAuth code
demonstrating how to request private FOAF data, and host your own
OAuth server will be available shortly.

The index of FOAF files now contains 10M FOAF files
harvested from the web. FOAF files can be browsed, and you can
navigate by both incoming and outgoing friend links. If your FOAF file
is not yet indexed, please add it at

This beta-phase service is available for non-commercial use only.

We are keen to get feedback, so if you have any ideas or suggestions
about enhancing this service please email qdos AT


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