Cognition 0.1-alpha14 released

Cognition is a parser for both “upper case Semantic Web” (RDF, RDFa)  
and “lower case semantic web” (microformats) technologies. It  
includes modules for exporting parsed data in a variety of formats,  
including RDF, vCard, iCalendar, Atom and KML.

Cognition is written in Perl 5 and licensed under the GNU GPL (v3).

0.1-alpha14 features include:

* Better HTML 5 support - previous versions would strip out HTML5  
elements which did not exist in HTML4. (Though XHTML5 has always  
worked, as XML uses a different parser.) Supports HTML5's predefined  
<meta name> values.

* Integrated Google SocialGraph Node Mapper - for hCard and XFN  
microformats, SGNM can be used to generate a URI for a _person_  
instead of a URI for their homepage. (And it can then be inverted to  
find URIs for their other pages from the person's URI.)

* Less namespace squatting - instead of squatting on <urn:ietf:rfc: 
1234#>-type namespaces, Cognition now uses the W3C RDF vocabs for  
vCard, iCalendar and HTTP. It uses Henry Story's AtomOWL too.

* Notation3 output.

* Various RDFa parsing bugfixes.

Some examples of Cognition's parsing:

Cognition homepage (download or try online):

Cognition on Google Code (issue tracker, subversion):

Any suggestions for improvements gratefully received.

Toby A Inkster

Received on Sunday, 14 December 2008 10:54:40 UTC