Link relations, HTTP link, deprecation of @rev etc

Some subscribers to this list may be interested in an active discussion 
right now on the HTTP list.

Mark Nottingham's internet draft to reintroduce the HTTP Link Header [1] 
is now at version 3 with a version 4 expected soon. Consensus appears to 
have been reached on bringing back the HTTP Link header so the bigger 
discussion is about relationship types, specifically how they should be 
registered and managed (POWDER WG currently has a request in to IANA to 
add 'describedby' to the ATOM registry).

Within all this there's a discussion about whether @rev should be 
retained as well as @rel. As I understand it, version 4 of Mark's I-D 
will allow @rev syntactically but will deprecate it and explicitly warn 
against using it. In the context of the Link header the arguments make 
sense - however - I believe it means that the _perception_ may well be 
that @rev is deprecated in *all circumstances*. Since rev is jolly 
useful in RDFa this may be a problem (see POWDER usage example [2]).

If you feel strongly about @rev, check out the thread starting at [3] 
and jump in.


Phil Archer

Received on Thursday, 11 December 2008 09:23:01 UTC