Re: [Ann] OSM Linked Geo Data extraction, browser & editor

That looks great.

And if you wanted to do more linkage, we have put the UN/LOCODE data [1] at
(RDF: )

And the UK's Ordnance Survey administrative geography is at



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Hi all,

We were working in the last weeks on bringing geo data derived from the
marvelous OpenStreetMap project [1] to the data web. This work in
progress is still far from being finished, however, we would like to
share some first preliminary results:

* A *vast amount of point-of-interest descriptions* was extracted from
OSM and published as Linked Data at <>

* The *Linked Geo Data browser and editor* (available at
<>) is a facet-based browser for geo
content, which uses an OLAP inspired hypercube for quickly retrieving
aggregated information about any user selected area on earth.

Further information can be also found in our AKSW project description:


Thanks go to Sebastian Dietzold, Jens Lehmann, Sebastian Hellmann, David
Aumueller and other members of the AKSW team for their contributions.

Merry Christmas to everybody from Leipzig




Sören Auer, AKSW/Computer Science Dept., University of Leipzig,  Skype: soerenauer

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