Extension vocabulary for W3C's vCard Ontology

For a long while I've been parsing the hCard microformat into RDF  
using Cognition <http://buzzword.org.uk/cognition/>. For this, I've  
squatted on a namespace URI of <urn:ietf:rfc:2426#>. I've spent a  
while tonight switching over to <http://www.w3.org/2006/vcard/ns#>,  
but this ontology was missing a few things I needed, so I've put  
together a collection of additional terms that can be used with it.

The extension is at <http://buzzword.org.uk/rdf/vcardx#>.

The first thing it enables is a collection of additional properties,  
taken from current drafts for vCard 4.0. The W3C ontology is based on  
vCard 3.0. These include:

	- vx:impp (instant messaging / presence protocol)
	- vx:kind (e.g. "individual", "group", "org")
	- vx:gender (as a string)
	- vx:birth (place of birth)
	- vx:death (place of death)
	- vx:dday (date of death)
	- vx:lang (language spoken/read/written)
	- vx:member (group -> member relationship)
	- vx:caluri, vx:fburl, vx:caladruri (calendars)

The other main thing it does is provide an alternative structure for  
telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail accounts. In addition to the  
original method of marking these up:

	_:me a v:VCard ;
	     v:fn "Alice Smith" ;
	     v:workTel <tel:+44-7700-900123> ;
	     v:mobileTel <tel:+44-7700-900123> .

An alternative is provided:

	_:me a v:VCard ;
	     v:fn "Alice Smith" ;
	     v:tel [ a vx:Tel ;
	             rdf:value <tel:+44-7700-900123> ;
	             vx:usage "work" , "mobile" ] .

The former method is probably cleaner, but the latter is closer to  
hCard's structure, so may be useful for other people converting from  

There are a few other bits and bobs there too, but those are the main  

Also, somewhat related:

Hopefully these will be of use to some people.

Toby A Inkster

Received on Thursday, 4 December 2008 23:38:11 UTC