Re: wikipedia category hierarchy

Let me know when you put them together.
I'd like to add Wikipedia to the mKR
collection of knowledge bases.

Dick McCullough
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mKE do enhance od Real Intelligence done;
knowledge := man do identify od existent done;
knowledge haspart proposition list;

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  Jens, thanks. dbpedia is a great resource. from the two categories files and the "articles categories" file, one can construct the whole structure of "what articles in what categories".  

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    AJ Chen wrote:
    > I read a few published articles about using wikipedia's categories as
    > ontology for semantic analysis. Very intriguing! Is there a resource
    > where I can download the whole category hierarchy?

    One possibility is to go to and
    download the two data sets "Categories (Labels)" and "Categories
    (SKOS)". The categories are related via skos:broader and skow:narrower.

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