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Great work! We'll very likely soon be able use it in our UAd project. One question, though, I wanted to ask you already at ESWC08 but (seems both) didn't find the time to talk in greater detail: How is this work related to the W3C Product Modelling Incubator Group [1]?



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>Subject: ANN: GoodRelations - The Web Ontology for E-Commerce
>Dear all:
>We are proud to announce the official release of the GoodRelations
>ontology, a comprehensive effort for making e-commerce on the Semantic
>Web a reality.
>GoodRelations is a lightweight yet sophisticated vocabulary for
>describing the details of offers made on the Web. It empowers
>manufacturers and shop operators to express the exact meaning of their
>offers in a machine-readable way. This allows search engines to support
>more precise search, and partners in the value chain to automate their
>content integration tasks.
>1. Project page

>2. Ontology

>3. Specification (via client-side rendering)

>3. User's Guide

>GoodRelations complements the eClassOWL ontology, which is the first
>non-toy ontology for products and services. Since the initial 
>release of
>eClassOWL at ESWC 2005, that ontology has gained remarkable attention.
>The latest version 5.1.4 provides more than 30,000 product classes and
>more than 5,000 attributes for describing product features.
>The relationship between these two ontologies is straightforward:
>- eClassOWL provides classes, attributes, and values for 
>describing what
>a product or service is.
>- GoodRelations provides everything needed for describing the
>relationship between a business entity and a product or service, i.e.,
>the actual offer and its details. That’s also the origin of the name –
>it’s an ontology for the relations between goods and business entities.
>While eClassOWL is the largest ontology for products and services, one
>can use any other products or services ontology in combination with
>GoodRelations. Only a few guidelines must be met.
>For example, the Austrian ebSemantics initiative is close to release
>several products and services ontologies for particular 
>domains (events,
>tickets, accommodation, etc.) that will be GoodRelations-compliant.
>The main features of GoodRelations are as follows:
>- Based on currently available Semantic Web standards, tools, and
>infrastructure (“ready to run as of today”)
>- Minimal requirements on reasoner support – any RDF-S-style reasoner,
>OWL DLP, DL, or ter-Horst reasoner will work
>- Support for all common business functions, like sell, lease, dispose,
>repair, etc.
>- Suits both for explicit instances, product models, and 
>anonymous instances
>- Supports different prices for different types of customers 
>or quantities
>- Supports product bundles in combination with all kinds of units of
>measurements (“2 kg butter plus 2 cell phones for € 99” would 
>be no problem)
>- Supports price specifications both as single values or ranges
>- Supports intervals and units of measurements for product features
>- Compatible with eClassOWL and other ontologies
>- Supports ISO 4217 currencies
>- Supports defining eligible regions
>- Supports common delivery and shipping methods
>- Supports accepted payment methods
>- Offerings can be constrained to certain eligible business entities
>(e.g. resellers only)
>- Supports warranty promises, i.e., the duration and scope
>- Supports charges for certain payment or delivery options; the latter
>also individually per region
>- Compatible with international standards: ISO 3166, ISO 4217,
>UN/CEFACT, eCl@ss, etc.
>GoodRelations is the result of about five years of work in progress,
>carried out at multiple institutions. The ontology is released under a
>Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
>Any feedback is very much appreciated! Also, if you need support in
>adopting GoodRelations to your applications or data, please contact us.
>We are already working with several organizations on making
>GoodRelations part of their technology.
>Best wishes
>Martin Hepp
>e-business and web science research group
>bundeswehr university munich
>skype  mfhepp


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