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RE: ANN: SCOT specification

From: Kim, Haklae <haklae.kim@deri.org>
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 08:07:32 +0100
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To: "Karl Dubost" <karl@w3.org>, <dwighthines@bellsouth.net>
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@Karl// thanks for additional "good" comments for SCOT.

@Dwight// I didn't read the report, but it is good opportunities to adopt tags in financial domain. I will look at the report. Thanks.


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Subject: Re: ANN: SCOT specification

Le 7 août 2008 à 01:31, Kim, Haklae a écrit :
> We are happy to announce that an initial version of SCOT  
> specification has recently been published athttp://scot-project.org/scot/spec 
> .

To give more context to the readers who might not know. The abstract  
of the DERI Galway Working Draft of SCOT.

SCOT is an acronym for Social Semantic Cloud of Tags. The name was  
chosen to emphasise the goal of providing a consistent framework for  
expressing social tagging at a semantic level in machine- 
understandable way.

The SCOT ontology provides a model for expressing the main concepts  
and properties required to describe information for tagging activities  
(e.g., users, tags, resources, etc.) on the Semantic Web. This  
document contains a detailed description of the SCOT Ontology.

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