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Re: [Ann] Triplify 0.4

From: Sören Auer <auer@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2008 12:33:14 -0400
Message-ID: <4895DDCA.8030307@informatik.uni-leipzig.de>
To: Orri Erling <erling@xs4all.nl>
CC: public-lod@w3.org, semantic-web@w3c.org

Orri Erling wrote:
> If the data is not secret, it might be best if we had a look at loading it
> ourselves with different configurations.
> We have some of pubmed etc from Banff already, so please say what data it
> would be.

Orri, Triplify itself is rather a software than data. Triplify allows to 
publish relational databases as Linked Data with minimal effort.
A list of some "triplified" data sources can be obtained from:


But these are mostly 3rd party contributions.

Hope that helps,



Sören Auer, AKSW/Computer Science Dept., University of Leipzig
http://www.informatik.uni-leipzig.de/~auer,  Skype: soerenauer
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