Re: advice on duplicate literals

On  29 Apr 2008, at 6:18 AM, Steve Harris wrote:

> On 29 Apr 2008, at 13:57, Johnson, Matthew C. (LNG-HBE) wrote:
>> Does anyone have thoughts on whether it is an implied/expected  
>> feature
>> of RDF tools [that perform merges] that they also collapse these  
>> literal
>> values?
> I'm not sure it's implied, but I think you'll find that the vast  
> majority of RDF stores do collapse identical literal values. All the  
> ones I've worked with and on certainly do.

Of course, it depends on the features of the store.

* Pure RDF stores almost certainly will
* Reifying stores might not, because they track each assertion of a  

This is also a feature that can significantly impact loading speed  
(imagine checking in a 2B triple store if you've already asserted a  
statement), so not every system will do this at assertion time.

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