Re: discussion about Semantic Web realization

On 28/04/2008, Booth, David (HP Software - Boston) <> wrote:
Thanks David.

>       - requires a critical mass of participating sites to be
> > interesting and useful
> >
> > The technologies are already demonstrably useful (e.g. I'm
> > now using Twine daily), though the really big gains will only
> > start emerging once there is wider participation - the
> > network effect again.
> It really depends on what you want to do.  SemWeb technology is useful
> right *now* in addressing data integration challenges, even apart from the
> Semantic Web.  The Semantic Web is currently small, but growing.  Some
> things are already enabled, but far more will be enabled as more data is
> made SemWeb accessible.

Good point. As has been pointed out elsewhere, as well as the sci fi-like
angle of the 2001 Scientific American piece, there are also more immediate
nuts & bolts problems in data integration.




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