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Ok, this is not RDF-related unless someone has the vocabulary to say it - but 
if while in Bejing you meet any minor government functionary or high-level 
professional, could you please just ask them if there is anything they know 
that can be done to stop the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Burma?   I know its 
not in the news but take a quick look at where this village used to be.  It 
is still going on now as of Mar 4 08.  China is in fact blocking any action 
on Burma but its better to phrase things like asking for help.  (p. 11)

End of digression.  Email me if you want further info.



(happens I'll be away from my computer til Tues )

On Thursday 24 April 2008 7:19, M.Daquin wrote:
> Very sorry to those of you not currently in Beijing and/or not interested. 
> This meeting has been moved to today (Friday) at lunch time. There should be 
a table reserved, so look for a sign indicating the Semantic Web Search 
Engines BOF.
> Thanks, 
> Mathieu.
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> Subject: BOF meeting on Semantic Web Search Engines at WWW 2008
> Dear all,
> Just a quick message to tell (before it is really to late) that we are 
organizing an open, informal meeting on Semantic Web Search Engines and their 
Applications in Beijing, during WWW 2008. Please have look at [1] for details 
(that may change as everything is not entirely settled yet).
> If you are interested in such issues, please consider joining us for a 
friendly discussion. The more people present, the more useful the meeting 
will be.
> For people interested but who won't be in Beijing please get in contact with 
us, as we are planning to use skype or similar things to allow distant 
> Cheers,
> Mathieu d'Aquin (Watson)
> Giovanni Tummarello (Sindice)
> [1] (note that the page is editable if you want to 
add your view) 
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