Re: Person Identifier

On 21 Apr 2008, at 13:15, Ian Emmons wrote:
>> I think the problem that I need an HTTP request first is less and
>> less there from now on because of mobile access everywhere. The fact,
>> that I can figure out anything about a thing by doing a simple GET
>> request is very very appealing. I think it makes things really
>> easier.
> It is important to remember that connectivity to the Internet will  
> never be universal.  I say this not only because of the difficulty  
> and cost of connecting the remotest locations, but also because in  
> some environments it is a requirement to *not* be connected to the  
> Internet.  One example of this phenomenon is the intelligence  
> community, where connectivity is often prohibited (and which is also  
> a huge market for Semantic Web technologies).

No trouble at all. People who cannot use http lookup services to get  
the meaning of documents will need to find other, less efficient ways  
to replace them. The Secret service could use a big lookup book, and  
do the lookups manually. That would cost a lot more in human labor,  
but the US budget for the CIA is absolutely huge, so that should be ok.


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