Cypher Release 1.1.8 (beta)

Hi All,

I'd like to announce the release of Cypher 1.1.8. Thanks to all who gave
feedback to improve this technology. Below is the changelog:

feature enhancements since 1.1.5
- updated HTML report interface to include paraphrase of input
- added which controls the refresh interval for
HTML report pages
- pluggable repositories now supported, now different Sesame SAIL
implementations may be used
- added new repository configuration syntax
- added default word sense in lexicon, now any data for a mso:Sense which
explicitly does not have a mso:lemma set, but does
have a mso:pos set will be used by all mso:Sense resources of that mso:pos
- added load element for repository directories as well as grammar
directories, loads directive must be contained in the index.xml file
to specify which files are to be loaded
- added support for bulk file output, use, a copy of
the output files are written to the cypher.output.dir/bulk/ directory

bug fixes since 1.1.5
- bug in HTML report that miswrote HTML files now fixed
- bug which caused SeRQL to be produced for SPARQL output is now fixed
- paraphrase bug now fixed



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Received on Friday, 18 April 2008 19:40:19 UTC