Re: Spatial datatypes and RDF/OWL

Hi John,

    your request for this type of query is very reasonable. We added a
    geospatial extention to our persistent rdf triple store
    (AllegroGraph 3.0) so that we now actually can do the query that
    you mentioned. Currently we enable users to do queries of the form

(select (?p1 ?p2)
   (q- ?place !geonames:ascii-name "Berkeley")
   (q- ?place !geonames:admin-code "CA")
   (q- ?place !franz:has-polygon ?po)
   (polygon-in-polygon ?po ?p1)
   (polygon-in-polygon ?po ?p2)
   (touches ?p1 ?p2))

The above is obviously done in our own query language We are currently
thinking about how to support this in our SPARQL. Dave's (or BBN's) solution
obviously makes a lot of sense but I'm kind of waiting till the SPARQL
people come up with some recommendation on how to handle this.


Received on Wednesday, 16 April 2008 05:53:41 UTC