Semantic Email

We would like to announce our research in the area of Semantic Email - 
where we are aspiring to achieve a framework that supports the exchange 
of semantically-annotated email in order to expose knowledge about:

* artefacts of the email communication process (people, tasks etc)
* evolution of the communication over time (thread structure)
* ad-hoc workflows taking place within email (information requests, 
meeting scheduling, task delegation etc)

to machines. As a result, these can support email users with correctly 
interpreting, handling and keeping track of email messages. Thus 
Semantic Email can have a direct benefit in these areas:

* Email Visualisation
* Personal Information Management
* Workflow Management

The theoritical aspect of our research on Semantic Email  is 
encapsulated within the sMail Conceptual Framework. This framework has 
been applied in Semanta - which consists of plug-ins/extensions to 
existing mail user agents that support Semantic Email. Furthermore, 
Semanta is grounded within the Social Semantic Desktop of the Nepomuk 
project [1]. For more information, including details about the concept 
and models, list of publications, demo's of Semanta etc., please refer 
to [2].

We have also set up a mailing list for people who are interested in this 
domain in general, i.e. not-specific to our work. This list is an 
attempt to bring together researchers that are working on, or have a 
particular interest in the area of Semantic Email - which includes any 
attempt and ideas regarding the possibility of giving semantics to any 
aspect of electronic mail communication processes. You can send messages 
to this mailing list via For mailing list 
subscription refer to [3].

Thanks for your time,

Simon Scerri,
simon [dot] scerri [at] deri [dot] org
Semantic Information Systems and Language Engineering Group (SmILE)
Digital Enterprise Research Institute,
National University of Ireland Galway (DERI Galway)
+353 (0) 914 950 81


Received on Friday, 4 April 2008 17:33:20 UTC