Re: LOD tools and rdfs:label xml:lang]

Hi Chris
>> Why don't Linked Data browsers display xml:lang tags on annotations
>> (rdfs:label)? Is not the lang tag part of the semantic information?
> good and legitimate question.
> I think the responce is that low because everybody agrees with you 
> that browsers should do this and hopefully some browser implementors 
> have added this feature to their todo lists.
<look away/>
> One Linked Data tool that displays language tags in its HTML view is 
> Pubby (
> See for example which is generated 
> using Pubby.
I'd seen the languages tags on DBpedia html. I was not aware it was 
generated by Pubby. It's not the best example, though, since people 
names are generally not translated. But at least I get the chinese, 
japanese and russain transcriptions. Actually, AFAIK, DBpedia extracts 
labels from the 15 top Wikipedia languages (by number of articles). For 
lingvoj I drill down through the whole list of 250 wikipedia languages. 
For example for I get labels in 125 languages 
or so. More to come :-) .
> The logical next step after displaying language tags would of course 
> be to allow the user to select his prefered language and to display 
> labels in this language wherevery possible. But sadly I don't know of 
> any Linked Data browser that does this so far.
That's a basic option we have in Mondeca ITM interface from the 
beginning (2000). Every user has a default interface language and other 
languages she can switch to at any moment.
> Another problem is that data sources hardly provide multilingual 
> labels and abstracts. The only one I know about that does this on a 
> bigger scale is which provides 12 languages. So, 
> also a todo for the dataset providers.
There is a notable pionneer here you should be aware of, which is 
GeoNames, which retrieves labels in every available language on 
Wikipedia - as I do for
See  "alternate names". Or see the RDF



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