Re: context of dc:identifier

Hi Bruce:

Well, that's useful for the dc:identifier problem but in XMP means using a
new schema (dcterms) with what mapping then to term value types?

For example, XMP defines a DC schema (with the DC namespace) with a mapping
to structured DC value types. So, an XMP compliant RDF/XML description must
follow the schema as defined by Adobe.

Now what for dcterms? Can I just use the dcterms namespace and write the
values as simple strings rahter than structured types.

The problem with XMP is that it does not allow for arbitrary RDF/XML but
constrains the defined schemas (DC being one of the defined schemas) to
contain the value types specified. See the dump below of a demo XMP using
the sample SDK app DumpMainXMP (and as RDF/N£ via cwm). Note that the
structured types (array - Alt, Bag, Seq) follow the Adobe spec.

Is my use of dcterms going to be the same as someone else's, or who is going
to define theXMP sxchema for dcterms?



1. From DumpMainXMP

// --------------------------------------
// Dumping main XMP for out/nri1840.xmp :

File info : format = "    ", handler flags = 00000260
Packet info : offset = 0, length = 1997

Initial XMP from out/nri1840.xmp
Dumping XMPMeta object ""  (0x0)  xap:  (0x80000000 : schema)
      xap:Identifier = "info:doi/10.1038/nri1840"  dc:  (0x80000000 : schema)
      dc:rights  (0x1E00 : isLangAlt isAlt isOrdered isArray)
         [1] = "(c) 2006 Nature Publishing Group"  (0x50 : hasLang hasQual)
               ? xml:lang = "x-default"  (0x20 : isQual)
      dc:publisher  (0x200 : isArray)
         [1] = "Nature Publishing Group"
      dc:language  (0x200 : isArray)
         [1] = "en"
      dc:date  (0x600 : isOrdered isArray)
         [1] = "2006-05-01T00:00:00Z"
      dc:creator  (0x600 : isOrdered isArray)
         [1] = "Giuseppe Pantaleo"
         [2] = "Alexandre Harari"
      dc:description  (0x1E00 : isLangAlt isAlt isOrdered isArray)
         [1] = ""  (0x50 : hasLang hasQual)
               ? xml:lang = "x-default"  (0x20 : isQual)
      dc:title  (0x1E00 : isLangAlt isAlt isOrdered isArray)
         [1] = "Functional signatures in antiviral T-cell immunity for
monitoring virus-associated diseases"  (0x50 : hasLang hasQual)
               ? xml:lang = "x-default"  (0x20 : isQual)
      dc:identifier = "info:doi/10.1038/nri1840"

2. From cwm (with QNames added)

#  Notation3 generation by
#,v 1.166 2004/10/28 17:41:59 timbl Exp

#   Base was: file:/Users/tony/Xcode/xmp/images/gem/

    @prefix dc: <> .
    @prefix xmp: <> .
    <>   xmp:Identifier "info:doi/10.1038/nri1840";
         dc:creator  [
             a rdf:Seq;
             rdf:_1 "Giuseppe Pantaleo";
             rdf:_2 "Alexandre Harari" ];
         dc:date  [
             a rdf:Seq;
             rdf:_1 "2006-05-01T00:00:00Z" ];
         dc:description  [
             a rdf:Alt;
             rdf:_1 ""@x-default ];
         dc:identifier "info:doi/10.1038/nri1840";
         dc:language  [
             a rdf:Bag;
             rdf:_1 "en" ];
         dc:publisher  [
             a rdf:Bag;
             rdf:_1 "Nature Publishing Group" ];
         dc:rights  [
             a rdf:Alt;
             rdf:_1 "(c) 2006 Nature Publishing Group"@x-default ];
         dc:title  [
             a rdf:Alt;
             rdf:_1 "Functional signatures in antiviral T-cell immunity for
monitoring virus-associated diseases"@x-default ] .

On 3/9/07 16:32, "Bruce D'Arcus" <> wrote:

> On Sep 3, 2007, at 11:09 AM, Hammond, Tony wrote:
>> Note that Adobe's XMP spec (which profiles RDF/XML) deprecates use of
>> dc:identifier precisely because of lack of context. Instead it is
>> recommended to use xmp:Identifier (a Bag) and to qualify with
>> xmpidq:Scheme.
> When I asked a question related to this on the DCMI architecture list,
> I got the suggestion to use a datatype to indicate the context; for
> example:
> <dcterms:identifier
> rdf:datatype="">info:doi/10.1038/
> nature06065.f1</dcterms:identifier>
> See:
> <
> architecture&T=0&F=&S=&P=2483>
> Bruce

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