Re: Datatype Defaulting in OWL

On Nov 22, 2007 8:51 AM, Bijan Parsia <> wrote:

> > So, either one needs a kind of macro, or some sort of type coercion.
> Can you GRDDL RDF/XML? If so, you could add a type decoration
> transform.

Yes, you can. That's clever!

This is helping me to restate my goal, too... I think what I want is a
way to say that the range of a property is xsd:string UNION
xsd:integer, but that instances of xsd:string may be transformed
through some atoi-ish type coercion (possibly via GRDDL?) to
xsd:integer. The aeq route seems to be kinda getting at this, but
might be different.

So in the GRDDL case, the way to specify this would be to say that all
documents in which my property, e.g. numberOfFish, appears may be
transformed using the GRDDL transform... but that means that we need
another new thing: a way to say "all documents in which this property

And there are further complications in that you have to mandate the
RDF/XML serialisation to apply the GRDDL transform, and so on.

Sean B. Palmer,

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