JOB: SKUA - Semantic Knowledge Underpinning Astronomy


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The SKUA project is advertising a SemWebby job, lasting 18 months and  
starting as soon as possible next year, which will nod to semantic  
desktops, social software and linking data.  Further details are  
linked to below, but note that the timescale is short -- the closing  
date is 5 DECEMBER -- unfortunately forced by the funding deadlines.

The job will be ideal for a research-focused developer with SemWeb  
interests.  If they have UI talents, too, that's even better.

The SKUA project has received JISC funding <> to  
prototype a network of shared annotation services, which will support  
annotation of resources (including bookmarking, tagging, scrapbooking  
and commenting), via a network -- really a DAG -- of triplestores  
delegating to each other.  The nodes will include personal  
annotations, ones shared with a group or ad-hoc collaboration, and  
one or more global ones.

As well as this infrastructure, we're aiming to produce a couple of  
applications building on it, ranging from a simple bookmarking  
service, via a suggestions service ('get me more resources like this  
one!', using some semantic knowledge about astronomy built in to the  
node or to the service), up to a broadly Facebook-like VRE.  The  
applications are focused on astronomy in the first instance, but the  
infrastructure is intended to be generic.  We thus have some clear  
use-cases, and we have close links with an existing developer and  
user community in AstroGrid and in the European Virtual Observatory  

The job details, including background and use-cases, are at 

which points to

and there's an initial web site, also giving background, at

If anyone has any questions I'd be delighted to answer them.


Norman Gray  :  :  University of Leicester, UK

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