Sesame 2.0-rc1 released

Dear all,

We're proud to announce the first Release Candidate of the OpenRDF
Sesame framework. After two years of hard work, with ten alpha- and beta
releases, we are now nearing the completion of Sesame 2.0. The first
Release Candidate for Sesame 2.0 has just been released, and we expect
to be able to release the 2.0-final release in a few weeks.

Sesame 2 is an important step forward from the Sesame 1.x series,
building on the feedback that has been gathered during the past years. A
lot of improvements have been made to various APIs as well as the
framework as a whole. Of special interest are:

* Sesame 2 is completely targeted at Java 5. All APIs use Java 5
   features such as typed collections and iterators where applicable.

* Support for the SPARQL Query Language.

* A REST-ful HTTP protocol that includes support for the SPARQL protocol
   and SPARQL Query Results XML Format.

* A revised API that is much more targeted at the use of Sesame as a

* Support for context/provenance, allowing you to keep track of
   individual RDF data units (like files, for instance).

* A full transactional model.

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Arjohn Kampman

Arjohn Kampman, Senior Software Engineer
Aduna - Guided Exploration

Received on Monday, 12 November 2007 19:43:37 UTC