Introducing Greengrass

Hi *,

just a quick note to tell everybody programming in the .NET framework
(MS.NET, Mono) that there is one more RDF library around. It started as
a fast hack when the redland C# binding were giving us too much problems
on Mono[1] and it is now shaping into a testbed for some ideas we have
about high-level RDF management.

Greengrass is quite young (no documentation and many missing features)
but has what we think is an interesting twist: the ability to serialize
CLR instances to OWL ones (and back). "plain" RDF and user-defined
serialization rules are planned but not yet available.

Right now we don't even have a web page or a support forum for it.
Anyway, the source code is available under LGPL 3 on:

and from our SVN server:

Feel free to write me if you have any questions and suggestions.


[1] It was Mono missing a solid implementation of SafeHandle, no shame
on redland.

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