Re: vCard RDF compromises

Garret Wilson wrote:
> Everyone,
> I've been busy with other areas of my current project, but this week
> I'm officially back to the vCard RDF part. I will be implementing the
> new vCard stuff literally within days, so I'd like to get resolution
> on some of the issues. I'd really like to share W3C work, so I'm
> prepared to make compromises (see archives for earlier discussions on
> these issues):
> VCard:N
> There are a few people absolutely loathe to have any processor-based
> value-switching, and I'm loathe to cram all the name information into
> one value. In the interest of getting this done, I offer the following
> compromise: N.familyName, N.givenName, N.honorificPrefix, and
> N.honorificSuffix are all single value properties, although you can
> have multiple of them. N.additionalNames takes a value of rdf:List.
Sounds reasonable.
> VCard:Adr
> Adr.streetAddress takes a single value, but Adr.extendedAddress takes
> a value of rdf:List.
Again, sounds reasonable. Maybe switch from "additionalNames" to
"extendedNames" to get the same functionality, while keeping the same
> Let me know as soon as possible what people thing about these
> suggestions. Since I'm partially caving here, I'd really like to
> switch to camelCase and get an updated version of the spec soon.
> Comments?
The underlying question is whether or not a RDF List and the ordering
constraints therein are the right way to store names. The two opposing
viewpoints are that ordering contraints are not useful and make any
querying and conversion of common vCard/hCards messy (thus Norm's
simplication of the previous vCard spec), while the other feels that
everything must be in a List.  Again, it was felt previous versions of
RDF/vCard made this a bit too much by its use of Bags. So, I find this
compromise reasonable if Garret does, and would be happy to hear any
more debate on it, but this really does have to get stamped and get out.
> Best,
> Garret


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