call for participation - NLP and Semantic Web technologies for eLearning


Workshop: What can Natural Language Processing and Semantic Web 
technologies do for eLearning?
                                                                        June 24th, 2007

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in 
Prague, Czech Republic. Address: Malostranske square 25 (Malostranske 
namesti 25)

                                                                In conjunction with ACL 2007


The European project Language Technology for eLearning (LT4eL) 
exploits NLP techniques, language resources as well as Semantic Web 
technologies to improve the retrieval and the accessibility of 
learning material within a Learning Management System. More 
generally, we believe that eLearning can benefit enormously from the 
results achieved in these areas and it is for this reason that we 
think that it would be useful to bring together researchers from 
these various disciplines to exchange results, ideas and plans.

The workshop will provide a forum for interaction among members of 
these different research communities, and a means for attendees to 
increase their knowledge and understanding of the potential of 
Natural Language Processing, Language technology and the Semantic Web 
in eLearning.

The workshop will have the following goals:

   1. identify what Natural Language Processing, Language Technology 
and the Semantic Web vision can do for eLearning and what eLearning 
expects from results in these areas.
   2. identify strong and weak points of the technologies developed 
within Natural Language Processing, Language Technology and the 
Semantic Web (on the basis of the applications/projects discussed in 
the presentations) in order to assess to which extent they can be 
employed within eLearning and eventually come up with new solutions 
and ideas.

Presentations will be limited to the invited speakers but 
participation will be open to the public. Attendance is free, but 
registration is needed. Information on registration can be found on 
the webpage of the workshop, as well as the full programme:

Workshop Organization: Paola Monachesi (Utrecht University)
Local Organization: Vladisvlav Kubon (Charles University Prague)

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