Re: SPARQL query JSON/XML source formats

carmen wrote:
> from a glance at the SPARQL Protocol for RDF document, the XML
> protocol still ultimately uses a string for the actual query
> contents. since SPARQL is ostensibly designed to be used with data
> and applications originating on the www, are there plans for a
> working note/specification on expressing the queries in a web-native
> format like (X|HT)ML or JSON? programatically writing-out strings is
> error-prone and requires two steps including the subsequent reparsing
> which should be eliminated to eliminate sources of potential failure,
> and increase ease of use and developer uptake.
> ive posted what im doing now, here:

I've always wondered why SPARQL or other RDF queries were not 
represented in RDF.....

- Josh Tauberer

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